Small Group Questions Index

For New Groups

20 People Signed Up, But Only 5 Showed Up  


Essentials for New Group Leaders

Following Up on New Members

Gathering New Members

Group Agreement

Help! They All Showed Up

How Often Should Our Group Meet? [Video Answer]

Preparing for Your First Group Meeting

Welcoming New Group Members

Why Do I Need a Coach?

Group Dynamics

Accommodating Group Members

Avoiding Rabbit Trails in Discussion

Balance Between Relationships and Curriculum

Dealing with Gossip in Group

How Can I Get My Group to Talk?

How God Speaks to Us

New Members Joining Existing Groups

No Shows

Overly Talkative Members

Sharing at a Deeper Level

When to Refer a Group Member

Group Life

Bad Reasons to Close Your Group

How Can We Stay Connected with Busy People?

How can our group gel for accountability and support?

Importance of Inviting New Members

Meeting Members’ Emotional Needs

Should Our Group be Opened and Closed?

Serving Together

When to Accept New Members

Group Meetings

Attendance Ups and Downs

Group Meetings and the Christmas Season


How Do I Get My Members to Host the Group Meeting?

My small group doesn’t have enough time to talk.

Starting On-Time

Surviving Summer

Worship in Groups


Intentional Growth

Finding Curriculum

Group Accountability

Ideas for New Studies

Who Should Choose the Next Study?

Leader Care

Beating Burnout

Why Do I Need a Coach?

WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION? Ask it in the Comments. I will write the answer soon.

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