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You will receive:

  • Insights into what is helping and hurting your small group ministry.
  • Suggested Solutions for your small group obstacles.
  • A Suggested Plan to move your small groups ministry ahead. 
  • Allen’s insights and experience from 28 years of ministry and from coaching over 1,500 churches.
  • Some concrete next steps for your ministry.

Please come prepared with:

  • An Uninterruptible 30 Minutes.
  • Your Average Adult Attendance numbers
  • Your Easter Adult Attendance
  • Current Number of Group Members
  • Number of Adults in Other Groups, Classes, or On-going Studies (includes Sunday School, Midweek Bible Study, etc).

Two Steps to Schedule:

  1. Give us some background information about you and your church via SurveyMonday (click button above).
  2. Schedule your 30 minute assessment on our calendar. The scheduling link is at the end of the survey.
  3. That’s it!

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