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3 Keys to Lasting Groups with Allen White

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 Anyone who’s ever led a church-wide campaign understands the unintended consequence of disposable small groups. You know, the groups that appear for six weeks only to disappear completely after the series is over. This doesn’t have to happen if you use the 3 Keys to Lasting Groups.

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Wednesday, Nov. 15 at 3pm ET/ 2pm CT/ 1pm MT/ Noon PT

Thursday, Nov. 16 at 11am ET/ 10am CT/ 9am MT/ 8am PT

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Exponential Groups Webinar

with Allen White new-cover-exponential-groups-200x299

  • Learn How Your Focus Determines Your Success
  • Learn to Recruit More Leaders
  • Learn to Connect More People in Groups
  • Learn Your Most Important Contribution to Your Groups’ Success

Webinar Schedule:

Tuesday, Nov. 29 – 3pm ET/ 2pm CT/ 1pm MT/ Noon PT

Wednesday, Nov. 30 – 11am ET/ 10am CT/ 9am MT/ 8am PT


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