Leading an Exponential Group Launch with Allen White

In this 6 Session Course, you will learn:  Luke's Selected Edits 2048 Long Edge File-13

  1. Setting God-sized goals for your group launch.
  2. Recruiting your launch teams.
  3. Recruiting group leaders.
  4. Connecting your congregation into groups.
  5. Coaching your new leaders for success.
  6. Briefing New Leaders with group basics: first meeting, childcare, other common issues.

This course includes:

  1. 6 video sessions (45-60 minutes each).
  2. PowerPoint Outlines.
  3. Downloadable Audios for all 6 sessions (mp3) – Coming Soon!
  4. Templates and tools to successfully lead an Exponential Group launch.
  5. Fully Downloadable Resources.
  6. 6 Session Transcripts – Coming Soon!
  7. Lifetime Access.

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Download Chapter One of Exponential Groups

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