Our family started attending NewSpring Church a few months ago. My kids were instantly hooked. They cry if they can’t go. I am amazed by all that God is doing through NewSpring and Pastor Perry Noble. Here are a few important numbers for 2011:

3,034 Decisions for Christ  

2,695 Baptisms (1,442 baptisms on one day)

3,038 New “Owners” (Members)

274 Small Groups with 2,108 people (Boy, I could help them here).

5,659 First time visitors (Jan 8 – Dec 18, 2011)

590 Fuse Student Ministry Salvations

6,303 Volunteers  (31% increase from 2010)

2,609 children in KidSpring (26.5% increase from 2010)

1,139 Turkeys & Hams donated

35,850 lbs of Groceries donated

2,971 pairs of Shoes given to local school children

25,670 Christmas Eve Services Attendance

This is not something that any person could orchestrate. God is moving in a mighty way. I’m grateful to be a part of it.

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