People are coping with the pandemic very differently. You might live in a part of the country where everyone has stayed home for more than a month already. You might live in a part of the country where some stores look like last minute shopping on December 23rd. Your people are going through a lot right now.

Courtesy of The Church on the Ridge

Working with pastors across the country, I witnessed the response to the Coronavirus pandemic change from week to week. Those living in the areas that were affected first quickly hunkered down and took extra precautions while some in other parts of the country were still wondering if the whole thing was really that big of a deal.

As our coaching group discussed all of this, what we began to witness in different waves were the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. You’ve probably experienced some of these stages yourself. Everyone is grieving a loss. They’ve lost everything from March Madness to jobs to family visits and now they’ve lost Easter Sunday for the first time in the history of the church (as far as I am aware). Your people have lost a lot.

Unfortunately, people are not coping with all of this in the healthiest ways. There’s been an increase in alcohol consumption even with bars and restaurants closed. Many people jokingly post about overeating, binge watching, and other outlets. Pastors are over-emailing (Pastor, it’s a good time to write your book!) The worst statistic is the rise in domestic violence across the country.

Your people are in a pressure cooker. They need a place to process what they’re dealing with. They don’t need necessarily more content, but they need conversation. This is an amazing time to start new online small groups. I want to help you get started.

I’m offering any church the opportunity to join a new free downloadable study called Cabin Fever. This seems to be where we’re at. In partnership with the Church on the Ridge in Snoqualmie, Washington, we would like to offer you this series for free. The Ridge is creating video interviews with experts along with a Bible study for the six weeks following Easter (or longer). Experts are saying to expect the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak to last until the first of June. Of course, we know those predictions change almost daily.

Cabin Fever Groups are designed in response to the growing stir crazy found all over the globe. Groups will virtually meet each week to hear from an expert in a variety of topics ranging from what to do when your kids are about to make you explode to managing stress in your new environment to balancing this new work from home environment with your family. Each lesson will include a 10-minute video session with an expert in the field. Following the teaching segment groups will have time to discuss practical application, exchange their own tips, and encourage one another.

To access the lessons for the Cabin Fever series, Click Here.

For more information on church online and online small groups, visit onlinegroups.US.

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