[Podcast] Episode 1: Dr. Warren Bird on How Small Groups Help Churches Grow from the 2020 Megachurch Report

Phil Cooke on Digital Ministry, Online Engagement, Social Media with Live Audience Q&A Exponential Groups Podcast with Allen White

In this episode, Phil Cooke, founder of the Cooke Media Group, an active producer in Hollywood, and and PhD in Theology, shares how pastors and churches can effectively impact lives through their online services, online groups, and social media.
  1. Phil Cooke on Digital Ministry, Online Engagement, Social Media with Live Audience Q&A
  2. Carolyn Taketa on Keeping the Value of Groups High in Your Church and Increasing Diversity in Groups
  3. Case Study: San Diego Rock Church with Mark Richardson on Developing Leaders
  4. Bonus Episode: The Theology of Trials and Suffering
  5. Case Study: Monica Lee, Radiant Church, on Disciple-making in Small Groups

Show Notes for Episode 1: Dr. Warren Bird on the Small Group Findings in the 2020 Megachurch Report

Warren Bird is the vice president of research and equipping at the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Just prior to his work at ECFA, Warren served for 13 years at Leadership Network. He is the author or co-author of 33 books including Hero Maker with Dave Ferguson, How to Break Church Growth Barriers with Carl George, Next: Pastoral Succession that Works with William Vanderbloemen and Better Together: Making Church Mergers Work with Jim Tomberlin. Warren is widely recognized as one of the nation’s experts on megachurches. As @lensweet tweeted, “No one knows more about megachurches than @warrenbird.”

Megachurch 2020: The Changing Reality in America’s Largest Churches

ECFA Church Resources

Additional Research on the Benefits of Small Groups in Churches:

Transformational Groups by Ed Stetzer and Eric Geiger

Sharing the Journey by Robert Wuthnow

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