2021 is not like 2020. Thank God! But, 2021 also isn’t a return to 2019. Are you prepared to navigate this new season of ministry?

I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t seen anything like this in over 30 years of ministry. But, the question I keep asking myself is “What does this make possible?” There are some big possibilities for 2021. Here’s what I’m seeing:

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Why Do You Need a Small Group Reset?

1. Small Groups are not working the same as they were even two years ago.
2. The need for Small Groups has never been greater.
3. Everything shifted, so 2019’s Small Group Strategy isn’t going to do it.
4. We shouldn’t wreck anything that’s currently working, but we have to admit it’s not working for everybody.
5. It’s time to take a breath and to reframe your Small Group Ministry by asking some fundamental questions like:

  • What is a small group in your church?
  • How is your church meeting the unique needs of 2021/2022?
  • What are your people willing to do? Meet in-person? Meet online? Wait it out? Start a new group?
  • How do you want to build your groups?
  • How are your groups uniquely suited to meet the needs of your community?
  • Why are groups more important than worship services in 2021/2022?

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 2021 isn't like 2020. Thank God!

But, it's not like 2019 either.

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