Make Every Group a Healthy Group

An online course to help you build a coaching

structure to support group leaders.

“Definitely worth our time! Practical and Helpful!”

Steve Curran, Compassion Christian Church, Savannah, GA


Create a Framework

Design a Coaching Structure to     Support Your Leaders

Learn a strategic method

You don’t have to force leaders to attend meetings.

Become a ministry multiplier

You’ll have a proven approach to growing healthy leaders.

Discover how the Coaching Exponential Groups Course has helped churches like yours grow healthy leaders.

“The coaching structure presented in this course is practical, applicable, and reproducible.”

Lee Harper

Anchor Church, Loganville, GA

“I would highly recommend it. Allen offers practical help and de-complicates coaching.”

Kevin Yoder

Rivertown Community Church, Marianna, FL

“It was just what I needed!”

Elizabeth Scheib

Connections Church, Lawrence, KS

You’re in Good Company…

What Makes Coaching Exponential Groups So Different?


When it comes to talking about their coaching structure, many people are so close to their daily fire drills, they don’t know where to start. The Coaching Exponential Groups Course helps churches understand what leaders are looking for so they can support and equip them in a way they will respond to.
We know how hard it is to build a coaching structure and have helped hundreds of large and small churches to grow healthy leaders. And when you develop healthy leaders, your groups start making disciples, your top leaders are converted into a leadership team and your group members speak a viral message that spreads.

The Coaching Exponential Groups Course is taught by Allen White, an advocate for the Exodus 18 Coaching Structure. Allen has studied groups for decades having succeeded or failed at about every model out there. He is the author of Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential. He’s coached hundreds of churches to help them grow their groups. Allen isn’t a small group know-it-all. The Exodus 18 Model helped to grow groups in the churches he served from 30 percent of the congregation to 75-125 percent of those churches in groups. As he has coached other churches with these principles, some churches have seen as high as double or triple their church attendance in groups.

In the 6 Session Coaching Exponential Groups Course, you will:

1. Learn a proven model for organizing your leadership team, coaches, and small group leaders. You will understand how this system will improve the quality of leader support and ease the burden off of you.

2. See how this system was used in ancient times and in the church today.

3. Apply these principles to your church’s leadership to develop effective leaders and healthy groups.


In These 6 Sessions You Will Learn:


Session 1: Developing Your Coaching Structure

In this Session, you will discover an effective and workable model for organizing your groups ministry and effectively supporting your new and established leaders.

Session 2: The Role of a Coach


This session will help you avoid the pitfalls I experience and give you a clear picture of what an effective coach looks like.

Session 3: Identifying and Recruiting Coaches

This session will give you insights into who to invite (and who not to). Knowing who to look for and how to invite them will help you avoid a sticky situation, like recruiting someone who doesn’t have the right stuff to coach.

Session 4; Training Coaches

This session will equip you to direct your coaches, understand the purpose of metrics, and appreciate the stages of coaching.
Built on a proven model, you will know what coaching your leaders need and when they need it.

Session 5: Discipling Coaches and Leaders 

In this session, you will learn an ancient-modern for spiritual growth and how to apply these proven principles to every leader and every group.

Session 6: Equipping Coaches

Coaching works at its best when coaches are equipped to make tough calls, direct leaders to solutions, and handle tough situations on their own.

Coaching Exponential Groups will help you to build your coaching structure in easy to follow steps and avoid reinventing the wheel.
People grow spiritually through encouragement and accountability. If one is offered more than the other, then grow will stagnate or you might end up nurturing the wrong things. Once you have the right people in place who follow a simple approach with leaders, you will witness healthy leaders building into the lives of healthy group members.

Register for the Coaching Exponential Groups Course today and spend 6 sessions with Allen White. Why? Because energy spent developing leaders and multiplying ministry will create an impact far beyond your church.