>But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. John 14:26

I’m always amazed that God uses me at times to speak to others. I’m not surprised, but I am amazed every time. Sometimes it seems that the days that I feel that I have the least to say are the days when there are more responses of “you were talking directly to me.” Sometimes God will speak things to people through a Sunday message that I didn’t even realize that I actually said. Other times in conversation I will say something to someone, and then wonder where in the world those wise words came from. They certainly didn’t come to me. (See I am more self-aware than you thought.)

In my early days of ministry, I would often become nervous about having exactly the right thing to say to comfort others in their trouble. After 20 years of serving God’s people, I’ve discovered that what I have to say in a crisis situation or in a hospital room really doesn’t make much difference at all. My words don’t matter nearly as much as being there to support and to pray.
As Jesus prepared to leave this earth after three and a half years of working alongside His disciples, He left them a wonderful gift, the Holy Spirit. They would no longer have to go and seek out the God-man, Jesus Christ. The Spirit would always be with them. God’s Spirit would live in them.

The Spirit also lives in all of us who believe. When we wonder what to do or what to say, we just need to ask God, and then pay attention to the next few thoughts in our head. If those thoughts sound like something that God would say in His Word, then pursue them. If those thoughts seem a little strange, well, we should do a little research in God’s Word and maybe consult a mature believer before we step out.

What do you need an answer for today? What is the Spirit speaking to you? He is speaking. Are you listening?

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