Coaching Groups

We have 125 more Groups today than before we started the Coaching Group. Allen combines years of experience into a coaching group that empowers connection and results.

Tim Twigg

Victory Worship Center, Tucson, Arizona

Why Coaching?

You don’t have time to figure everything out by yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to.

In a coaching group, you can learn from an experienced coach as well as from a group of peers who are trying to figure things out just like you. The goal of the coaching group is to learn best practices, to acknowledge the uniqueness of your church, and to find the place where the best practices and your church’s culture intersect. This is not cookie cutter.

As a result of the coaching group, you will get further faster by taking calculated risks, not careless ones. A coaching group is like attending the best small groups’ conference out there, except this one lasts for a full year and includes discussion, next steps, and support in achieving your goals.

Allen White has coaching over 1,500 churches in the last 14 years. He has helped churches in various parts of North America as well as churches of different denominations, cultures, ethnicities, sizes, and languages. Whether your church is 40 people or 40,000, Allen has helped churches just like yours.

Let a Coaching Group help you take the guesswork out of groups this year.


Here are some ways you can grow your groups and make disciples:

As a small group pastor or director, you can figure things out for yourself. But, if you’re like me, sooner or later you get stuck. That’s okay. Everybody gets stuck at some point. Whether you’re at the start of your groups ministry, have 30-50% connected, are trying to connect the last 30%, or are looking for effective ways to make disciples, coaching can help you overcome the obstacles you are facing and help you achieve your goals more quickly and with better results. Interested?

Current Coaching Groups: