We help you recruit, train, and coach

group leaders to start more groups 

than ever before: in-person and online.

I created the Small Group Ministry Coaching Group to give pastors and church leaders like you the tools I needed when our groups were stuck at 30 percent and not moving forward. In a group of no more than 5 churches, you will spend six months together learning and implementing proven strategies to:

  • Recruit More Leaders.
  • Connect More People into Groups.
  • Build a Coaching Structure to Sustain Your Groups.
  • Coaching and Train Your Leaders for Success.
  • Truly Make Disciples in Groups.
  • Grow Your Personal Leadership Style.
  • Launch a Church-wide Campaign or New Semester.
  • Make Your Senior Pastor the Small Group Champion.
  • Measure the Metrics that Matter.

Within 6 months of joining a coaching group myself, our church of 800 adults connected 1,000 adults into on-going small groups. Then, at a church of 5,000 adults, we grew from 120 groups to over 400 on-going groups. This wasn’t a flash in the pan. It’s easy to get a big win during a 6-week campaign. The real work is helping those groups continue.

Now, after coaching over 1,500 churches, you will benefit from the best practices I bring, from the group experience, and from one-on-one meetings to customize these strategies to your church. You could just buy my book, but that would be like reading a textbook without taking the course. What will benefit you the most? Are you ready for a year of small group ministry like you’ve never experienced before?

Allen White’s coaching group was a game changer for me. And after a failed attempt on my own, I now have an effective coaching structure started. Allen’s insights and experience are gold.

Elizabeth Scheib

Connect Church, Lawrence, KS

The group sessions in tandem with individual coaching calls was a nice way to learn from others, but also to get ministry specific questions answered by Allen.

Justin Ristow

Olive Branch Church, Corona, CA

Three Phases of Coaching



Where You Are & How You Got There



Best Practices & Proven Strategies used by over 1,500 churches



Discover Where the Best Practices & Your Church’s Culture Intersect

Allen White is our small group superhero! Allen’s wisdom and insight helped us put all the pieces together for taking our small group ministry to a whole new level. Allen is able to see the big picture and was the key to helping us build healthy systems for a sustaintable small group ministry.

Matthew Hartsfield

Lead Pastor, Bay Hope Church, Lutz, Florida

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