Curriculum Production and Writing Services

Over the years, I have discovered the power of multiplying the life and minis2016-06-08 11.27.36-1try of the senior pastor by producing video-based curriculum. This easy to use tool is a catalytic force in launching 50 percent or more of your church into small groups. While you could spend a lot of money and hire a professional production team, the reality is most churches have the ability with the staff, volunteers and equipment they have to produce a publisher-quality curriculum for themselves. Curriculum Production Coaching will take you step by step the process to not only give you a beautiful and effective new curriculum, but also to train your team and give you a “printing press” to continue creating curriculum in the years ahead. For more information, please contact or call Allen at 949-235-7428.
“Allen White coached my team and me through the creation and execution of Mt. Horeb UMC’s first in-house church-wide campaign.  He was a phenomenal coach providing step by step direction with patient explanations of not just the “how’s” but the “why” beyond various aspects of the project.  Our “More” Campaign was so successful that our work was used at a recent UMC conference event demonstrating the possibilities of home grown video resources.  Beyond that, we were able to provide our resources to other churches to inspire and encourage. Thank you, Allen for giving so many churches the tools to reach the world for Jesus Christ!”   — Claire Andrews, Mt Horeb United Methodist Church, Lexington, SC

As Allen White Consulting, we have created:

Holy Ambition, Discover Your Design, and Catch the Vision for Chip Ingram, Venture Church, Los Gatos, CA, and Living on the Edge.
The Intentional Parenting Discussion Guide for Doug Fields
Back to Church and Solid for Pastor Michael Phillips and Kingdom Life Church, Baltimore, MD

Back To Church Promo ProRes422LT- Final from One Ten Pictures on Vimeo.

In Partnership with Brett Eastman and Lifetogether Ministries, we have created:

The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren (Project Manager)
Life on Mission by Tim Harlow (Executive Producer)
The Spirit-Empowered Life for My Healthy Church (Executive Producer)
Love Where You Live by Chris Freeland, McKinney Church, Fort Worth, TX (Director)
Fresh Air by Chris Hodges, Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, AL (Project Manager)
Make Room by Greg Surratt and Josh Surratt, Seacoast Church, Mt Pleasant, SC (Executive Producer)
In the Gap by Wilfredo de Jesus, New Life Covenant Church, Chicago, IL (Executive Producer)
Lifegiving Relationships for the Association of Related Churches (ARC) – (Executive Producer)
Destiny by Dr. Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX (Executive Producer)
Hope Rising by Gene Appel, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA (Executive Producer)
The Christian Life Trilogy by Fr. Charlie Holt, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Lake Mary, FL (Executive Producer)

Video Production

Your groups want your pastor’s teaching more than anyone else’s teaching. In fact, the people who aren’t in groups in your church are there because of their connection to your senior pastor. They like his teaching. They like his personality and style. They laugh at his jokes. Caution: Don’t mention this to your worship pastor, it will break his heart. When your pastor offers exclusive video teaching for your groups, people will volunteer to lead groups like nothing you’ve ever seen. We offer full service video production for DVD and streaming delivery. Cost varies depending on the complexity of the content and the video shoot. For more information:

Curriculum Writing and Scripting

While some churches feel they have a pretty good handle on creating teaching videos, they feel the other way about creating the study guide. Our curriculum writing team has decades of experience and biblical expertise. We endeavor to match the voice of your senior pastor and articulate the values and culture of your church.
We will take your sermon notes, audios, or videos and create 10-minute scripts for your video shoot. Whether you are using our full production services or shooting the video yourself, we will take the hard work out of video production by writing the scripts for you. Our goal is to get the scripts 80% there, then will depend on you to personalize the scripts, so they still sound like your words! Scripts can typically be finished in 7 days. For more information, contact
Your video teaching is only 50% of the equation. You also need an effective study guide to help your group members apply the teaching to their lives and begin to live it out. We have written for a variety of the projects listed above including study guides for Chip Ingram, Doug Fields, and others. For more information, contact
We will also teach YOU to write your own curriculum. This can happen in two ways. You can either shadow our team as we create your curriculum and learn as we go, or you can join the 4-week live online course, the Writing Effective Curriculum Workshop, that begins on 10/31/2018. For more information, go here.

Graphic Design

Our designers have created not only the art for the projects listed above, but have served on the staff of churches and know the likes and dislikes of pastors. The most important thing is producing something that matches the culture and demographic of your church — highly creative to conservative — whatever appeals the most to your church and your community.

Curriculum Coaching

Some churches have the chops to do the whole project, but learning to create video-based curriculum is a different genre of both video and writing. With Curriculum Coaching, we can guide you through every stop in our 10 week process from concept development to the finished project. This Coaching also includes onsite direction on the day of your video shoot, so every detail is covered. For more information:

Semi-Custom: My Study Guide + Your Video

What if you want to create your own curriculum, but you don’t have time to create the original content. We’ve got you covered. Create your curriculum with our content!
Each title includes:

  • The complete study guide ready available for purchase (Customized editions are available at an additional cost).
  • Teaching scripts for the video sessions for you to make your own.
  • Host introductions for each session.
  • Leader training to support new group leaders.
  • The campaign timeline including when to shoot the video, recruit group leaders, and form groups.
  • Artwork for your church’s promotion of the series.
  • 10 weeks of coaching by Allen White
  • Onsite direction from one of our team members.
  • Sermon starters for your weekend messages.

Current Titles Available:

Living a Balanced Life
This six session curriculum addresses the issue of living unbalanced lives that lead to burnout. The six sessions are:
Session 1: Our Need for Balance balanced-life-cover
Session 2: Finding Favor with God
Session 3: Finding Favor with People
Session 4: Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Session 5: Gaining Wisdom
Session 6: Taking Action
To view a sample session or review the study guide, please contact:
All In: A Small Group Experience

Designed as an easy-to-explain evangelism tool, this study gives the background behind the symbols and helps your church understand their meaning and how to share Christ with others. This is a great series to start two weeks before Easter, then finish it two weeks after Easter. The sessions are:

Session 1: He Came

Session 2: He Died witness-symbols

Session 3: He Arose

Session 4: He Ascended

Session 5: He’s Coming Back

This topic comes with a complete line evangelism products and apparel from Kings Witness.

For More Information: