A few years ago, I read a book by Stanford professor Jim Collins called Built to Last. In the book, Collins dissects companies with long-term successes. One of the principles was having goals that required more than the lifetime of any individual founder, officer or director. They had basically 100 year goals made by a 60 year old CEO. This are called Big Hairy Audacious Goals. We’re not quite ready to go there, but…

Last Sunday, the directors and I began to examine where Brookwood Church is with small groups and where we need to be just to catch up. Right now about 3700 adults and students attend the Sunday services. We can estimate that at least another 30% call Brookwood their home church. So, let’s do the math: 3700 + 1110 = 4810. If you divide that by 10 group members, we need a total of 481 groups just to break even. Currently, there are 155 groups on the roll (we know that a few are operating under the radar…more power to ’em). If we need 481 groups and have 155, then the difference is 326 groups that we need to start in the next 12 months just to catch up, let alone grow.

The directors are now looking at the following things in a converation over the next 30 days: New Leaders, the Connection Process, Vision and Values, Children’s Groups, Levels of Curriculum, Directors and Coaches, Training and Testimonies. Whew! That’s a lot of stuff. I’d like to ask you to do two things:

1. Pray. If this isn’t God-ordained, we’re just spinning our wheels.

2. Think. We’d love to have your input on what this will take. You’ll get a survey in the next few days.

3. Act. What is God calling you to do? We’re done with hesitating. Let’s roll.

God bless,