Here are some ways you can grow your groups and make disciples:

As a small group pastor or director, you can figure things out for yourself. But, if you’re like me, sooner or later you get stuck. That’s okay. Everybody gets stuck at some point. Whether you’re at the start of your groups ministry, have 30-50% connected, or are trying to connect the last 30%, coaching can help you overcome the obstacles you are facing and help you achieve your goals more quickly and with better results. Interested?

Here are some coaching options for you to consider?

Individual Church Coaching

Consulting is for pastors and churches who are looking for an individual, custom designed plan to connect your congregation into community. This option will lead you through producing your own curriculum, recruiting and training coaching, recruiting and training groups leaders, connecting members into groups, retaining groups for the long haul, plus all of the training aadvanced mastermind group - futurend coaching they need along the way. Designed to help a church start and sustain an exponential number of group, we will come alongside a church for 12 months and personally guide them through every step. For more information, Click Here.

If you have any questions, please contact or 949-235-7428.

Group Coaching – Small Group Ministry

Coaching Groups are designed for you and the four other churches to set your God-sized goals, make strategic plans, work the plan, and celebrate wins together. Your coaching group is a 1 hour per week commitment for 12 months (but the group doesn’t meet every week).

The coaching starts with an Assessment of your church’s current ministry. We will collect some data from your members and current group leaders, then spend some time together either via teleconference or live and in-person discussing the obstacles and opportunities for your church.

Next, you and your group will meet twice a month for six months to explore best practices from the over 1,500 churches across North America that I’ve coached over the last 14 years. Prior to each meeting, you will receive an assignment to either read a chapter of Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential or watching a video presentation from either the Launching Exponential Groups course or the Coaching Exponential Groups course. Our time together in the coaching group is focused on discussing topics from recruiting new leaders to forming groups that last to coaching and training.

The third component is a monthly one-on-one call with you, me, and any of your team. The focus on these calls is finding where the best practices and your church’s ministry and culture intersect. Not every church is the same, so the strategic groups plan for your church will look different from other churches. That’s how it should be. You will have one call per month for the entire 12 months.

If this interests you, please contact or 949-235-7428.


Free Webinars

Webinars are offered on various topics of interest for small group pastors and directors, Senior Pastors, and other key staff. For a current listening of webinar as well as archived webinars, please Click Here.

If you have any questions, please contact or 949-235-7428.

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