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Have you launched groups just to lose them? You don’t have to. With these keys in place, you can keep more of your groups going for the long haul. These ideas work!


If you have more than a handful of small groups, leadership is challenging. How do you keep up with the leaders? How do you offer help when help is needed? Coaching is the key.

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Are your small groups stuck? Most churches get about 30% in groups, then they get stuck. This course will help you recruit more leaders and connect more people into groups than ever before.

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Only 1% of churches of churches are effectively making disciples, according to Barna. If you are in the frustrated 99%, this course is for you. Learn to transition your discipleship ministries and make disciples!

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Curriculum is a great tool to guide your groups and make disciples your way. Learn to write discussion questions, sermon discussion guides, and complete studies.

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