ALL IN: a small group experience

By Allen White


“All In” is the rallying cry of sports fans in devotion to their favorite team as well as eager employees willing to give 110 percent. While it may be a figure of speech for a less than righteous cause, people often place their allegiance and loyalty through this claim.


Trademark by Tim Roberson, Kings Witness, Inc. Used with Permission.

Jesus demonstrated what it meant to be “All In.” The witness symbols above indicate the depth of Jesus’ commitment to us: He Came. He Died. He Arose. He Ascended. He’s Coming Back. In this study you will learn the meaning and significance of these five symbols, how they tell Jesus’ story, and how they affect your story.

Jesus proved to humanity that he was “All In.” The challenge is for us to show we are “All In” by receiving Jesus’ gift of salvation and living our lives with the Spirit’s power to accomplish God’s work on this earth. Are you “All In”?


This study can be used with or without video teaching. This resource is designed for churches to easily create their own video-based curriculum by using pre-written scripts and purchasing study guides from this website. If you are interested, either contact or just purchase 50 or more All In study guides.

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