Over the years, Allen White has spoken to groups varying from five to 5,000. His speaking includes conferences for Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA and the Willow Creek Association – Canada as well as churches, retreats, businesses, community groups, and educational institutions — In-person and Online.  Allen is well versed in the following topics and works with organizations with any budget.

Small Group Leader Training and Retreats

Having trained small group leaders in every region of the United States and Canada, Allen’s experience as both a small group pastor for over 20 years as well as a ministry consultant to churches large and small equips him to train any group of leaders in any type of small group system. Key topics range from group multiplication and leader training to group dynamics, group basic training, and small group coach training. Allen’s approach and techniques will dovetail with your current small group strategy and will build upon what you have already developed in your church.

Small Group Pastor/Director Training, Conferences, Workshops

With over 20 years in small group experiences as pastor in a local church as well as experience as a consultant with churches of various denominations from all regions of the U.S. including many of the largest churches in the country, Allen brings the unique experience of both having grown and sustain 125 percent of his adults connected in his own church as well as launching hundreds of groups at a time in churches such as Seacoast Church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, LifeBridge Christian Church and many others. Allen also brings an understanding of smaller churches who have connected well beyond their average weekly adult attendance into groups.
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Preaching and Large Group Speaking

Allen preached his first sermon at the age of 17 and has preached in churches from 50 – 5,000 people. Topics range from small groups to discipleship to creating community as well as a wide variety of other biblical topics. Some churches will request ministry in weekend services in addition to an in-person leader training or onsite consultation.

Stress Management

Stress can be overwhelming — sometimes debilitating. But, people can also experience stress as the joy of life and a very positive motivator. Make Stress Work for You explains the nature of stress as well as offering practical stress management tools and techniques. This workshop can be offered in a one hour, half day or even a full day or weekend format. After years of coping with his own stress, Allen is not cured, but he certainly has made significant progress and has found ways to channel stress as a positive force in one’s life.
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 People Skills Training

Why Do You Bug Me So Much is ideal for businesses, teams and groups in developing an understanding of each person’s unique personality and the dynamics that occur when those personalities are brought together. Allen White is a certified trainer in The People Skills Series(TM) and has taught workshops for a wide variety of groups over the last 20 years. Understanding the unique dynamics of your team will help to increase communication and reduce conflict in your organization.
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