Our Small Group Assessment Helps You Take the Guesswork Out of Groups

Considering how hard you’re working,

you should have a lot more groups by now.

  • Do you feel your groups are stuck?

  • Are you frustrated with other church’s models that don’t work in your church?

  • Why are your people resisting groups?

  • What would make your people more willing to start a group?

Our Small Group Assessment Will Give You Clear Direction to Guide Your Groups.


Where You've Been

Your church’s history of small groups is important to your future. What have you tried before? What worked? What didn’t? You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You also don’t want to repeat what didn’t work. (We won’t go there!)


Where You Are Now

 What is unique about your church? Your church’s demographics, age groups, current commitments, mission and vision play a key role. We will also consider the obstacles you’re facing and shed light on your unique opportunities.


Where You're Going

The final phase of your assessment is a strategic plan to recruit more leaders, connect more people into groups, and build the supports your leaders and groups need going forward.


The Result

  • Embrace what’s working.
  • Diagnose your people’s reluctance.
  • Identify strong candidates to lead new groups.
  • Find new approaches to starting groups.
  • Determine the best candidates to coach your leaders.
  • Increase your effectiveness as a small groups point person.