Here’s How It Works:

Choose Your Level of Customization:

The DIY Video Curriculum is designed to be used in one of several ways:

BOOKS ONLY. Each title can be used as a standalone study without a video. You’re groups can just follow the directions in the book.

CREATE YOUR OWN TEACHING VIDEO. I have written the scripts for each session. You just need to personalize the teaching. Feel free to produce video at whatever level you choose. You can shoot the videos on a phone and upload them on YouTube. Your production team or a local wedding videographer could shoot the videos for you. If you want a higher quality production, you could shoot the videos with our team at our studio in Orange County, CA. Burn DVDs. Stream videos. Whatever you choose. You just can’t sell it to other churches! Churches who purchase 50 or more copies of the  study guide can receive the scripts from me. I figure if you’re going to go to the trouble of producing videos, then you’ll have at least 5-6 groups go through the curriculum. For more information on video production:

CREATE A CUSTOM BRANDED STUDY FOR YOUR CHURCH. If you would like to brand the study for your church with an Introduction from you or your pastor and even a custom cover, please contact us for more information:

COLLABORATE ON A NEW TITLE. If you have an idea for a curriculum title or church-wide campaign, contact us about collaborating with your team to create professional resources to launch groups in your congregation and community:

Ready to Get Started?

Just order 50 or more copies of one of our studies or contact us at or 949-235-7428 with your idea.