Exponential Groups Workbook

By Allen White; Foreword by Chip Ingram

The Exponential Groups Workbook is a helpful tool for pastors and church staff to act on the principles of the Exponential Groups book. With the original book, readers learned how to connect their “unconnected” members into community, recruit small group leaders, maintain current discipleship strategies, and implement new strategies to keep their churches strong and healthy. Now with this workbook, they can continue this work and take it to the next level.

This workbook contains updated material, church success stories, and practical exercises to plan and execute these proven methods. In an effort to help take the guesswork out of groups, the workbook contains samples and actual examples of job descriptions, timelines, leader recruiting tools, promotional materials, and other pieces essential to a successful group launch. This workbook can be used as a self-study tool for pastors and church staff, or as a companion to Allen White’s online courses and live in-person training events. Move from inspiration to implementation with this helpful workbook.

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From the Foreword by Chip Ingram:

“Allen offers practical insights and proven steps to start new groups in your church, whether you’ve been at groups for a long time or are just getting started. These are principles from the trenches, not unproven theories. What Allen has done in his own churches and in our church will work for your church as well. This isn’t a cookie cutter strategy that treats every church exactly the same. No two churches are really the same. The variety and flexibility you will discover in this book will help you make a custom fit for your congregation.”
Chip Ingram, Founder and President, Living on the Edge

What Others are Saying About Exponential Groups:

“Allen White’s small group coaching opportunity was such a blessing for our congregation and my own spiritual, professional growth. Our staff was able to further streamline ministries and identify areas where greater potential existed.”

Tiffany Danley

Christ Lutheran Church, Overland Park, KS

“It has been a privilege to be a member of Allen White’s coaching group for small group ministry. His wisdom and insight on all things small groups has been a great blessing to our ministry. I am confident you will find great coaching and encouragement from Allen in this resource.”

Jimmy Herndon

Second Baytown, Baytown, TX

“Wouldn’t it be great to have ALL the people in our churches connected to groups in which they can do life together, learn about God, and encourage each other? The problem is that we might be standing in the way of that happening without even knowing it. If you want to learn how to empower your people to step up and serve, and effectively reach those outside of the church, pick up a copy of Exponential Groups by Allen White. Your people have the power to impact the lives of others for God in the long-term, and you can help them discover it.”
Greg Surratt

Founding Pastor, Seacoast Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC

“What you’ll find in the pages of this book is time-tested strategy to exponentially multiply your small group ministry. Allen has the heart of a pastor, the wit of a standup comedian, and the experience of a professional football coach. If you are a senior pastor or a small group champion and want to take your ministry to the next level, I would order this book for yourself and your entire leadership team.”
Brett Eastman

Founder & President, Lifetogether Ministries, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“I’ve been a pastor in the Miami area for nearly forty years, and in that time, I have had the great honor to be trained by Allen White in coaching exponential groups. Allen is extremely professional and strategic in his approach to coaching, and my time with him was instrumental in the growth of our groups as well as our recruiting of new group leaders.”

Rudy Rivero

New Dawn Church, Miami, FL

“Allen White eats, sleeps and breathes small groups and the strategies that help churches engage and connect their people.  His experience is rich, broad and deep, not only will his stories of success inspire you but his stories of what hasn’t worked will give you confidence in his advice.  If you are serious about groups this book will give you plenty to chew on and encouragement for the journey. “
Rick Rusaw

Lead Pastor, LifeBridge Christian Church, Longmont, CO

“Allen has written a terrific book from the seat of a practitioner. Having helped countless churches start and maintain small groups ministries, Allen’s voice is one to be trusted. But beware: only read this book if you’re ready for your small groups to grow!”
Steve Gladen

Pastor of Small Group Community, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA

“I’m thankful Allen White has leveraged two decades of leading, launching, coaching, studying and unleashing the power of small groups. Every church leader who would like to take their small groups ministry to the next level will benefit from his insights and experience.”
Gene Appel

Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA

“If you are looking to expand your knowledge about small groups and breathe new life into your small group ministry this is the workbook you have been waiting for! Not only will Allen give you the tools you need to be successful in your ministry, but he will also walk you through the process step by step. Thank you, Allen, for changing our small group approach and for your expertise.”

Jerry McQuay

Christian Life Church, Tinley Park, IL

“The Exponential Groups material is a masterfully done, complete small group primer that is easily used in any small group setting. I have been coached by Allen and have used this material to better myself and the groups ministry I lead. I would recommend the boo
k and workbook to anyone serious about growing their discipleship ministry.”

Steve Stringham

Cornerstone Church, Athens, GA

“If you’re ready to take your small group ministry to the next level, Allen White’s Exponential Groups is a perfect playbook. Very few people have Allen’s deep experience in helping small group ministries grow exponentially.”
Read Mark’s review of Exponential Groups here.
Mark Howell

Pastor of Communities, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV

“Exponential Groups is a powerful, biblical resource that puts Allen White’s decades of experience leading group life into your hand. No matter the size of your congregation, Allen’s mindset and hard-won strategies will open a new chapter in the life and growth of small groups in your church community.”
Herbert Cooper

Senior Pastor, People's Church, Oklahoma City, OK

“Allen White stands at the forefront of small group ministry. His coaching brings you to the cutting edge of small group ministry and helps you connect countless people to authentic Christian community.”

Michael Hayes

St. John's Lutheran Church, Orange, CA

“Allen’s coaching group provided us with hands-on learning from his vast experience. We were given practical tools, such as how to encourage people to get connected in groups and how to make us a church that builds groups—not just a church that offers studies.”

Mike Willis

HighPoint Church, Lake Wales, FL

“Pastors know Christ-centered groups make thriving disciples. The hard part is developing a clear, workable strategy that empowers leaders, launches groups and connects people. Allen’s book just made the hard part a whole lot simpler! A true gift”
Dr. Bill Donahue

Best-selling author, and Leadership Coach

“Exponential Groups brings to light a plethora of ideas and practices for the Small Group Point Person.  You will walk away with new approaches to your Small Group system as Allen shares transparently from his ministry’s successes and failures.”
Eddie Mosley

Adult Minister - Groups, Brentwood Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN

“I don’t know anyone who has worked with more churches on maximizing their small groups than Allen White. In Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential, Allen takes that wealth of experience and breaks it down for every church to easily digest and implement immediately. If your goal is to connect a lot of people into community in a short amount of time, then this book is for you.”
Chris Surratt

Ministry Consultant, Lifeway, Nashville, TN