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Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential

by Allen White; Foreword by Chip Ingram

Published by Hendrickson Publishers, Peabody, MAnew-cover-exponential-groups-200x299

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“Everyone is already in a group.

“When I saw “group,” something from years of church Bible studies comes to mind. You might protest that there are plenty of people who aren’t in groups like this. But it’s true. Everyone is already in a group, it’s just not the group you have in mind. People are in groups called families, friends, coworkers, neighbors, soccer moms, and many others. If your question is how are these church groups? I want to suggest you change your question to what can these groups do intentionally about their spiritual growth?”

— excerpt from the Introduction

Download the Introduction and Chapter One by clicking here.


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From the Foreword by Chip Ingram:

“Allen offers practical insights and proven steps to start new groups in your church, whether you’ve been at groups for a long time or are just getting started. These are principles from the trenches, not unproven theories. What Allen has done in his own churches and in our church will work for your church as well. This isn’t a cookie cutter strategy that treats every church exactly the same. No two churches are really the same. The variety and flexibility you will discover in this book will help you make a custom fit for your congregation.”

Chip Ingram, Senior Pastor, Venture Church, Los Gatos, CA and Founder and President, Living on the Edge

What Others are Saying about Exponential Groups:

“Wouldn’t it be great to have ALL the people in our churches connected to groups in which they can do life together, learn about God, and encourage each other? The problem is that we might be standing in the way of that happening without even knowing it. If you want to learn how to empower your people to step up and serve, and effectively reach those outside of the church, pick up a copy of Exponential Groups by Allen White. Your people have the power to impact the lives of others for God in the long-term, and you can help them discover it.”

Greg Surratt, Founding Pastor,  Seacoast Church,                   Mt. Pleasant, SC, President, ARC and  Author of Ir-Rev-Rend 

“Allen White eats, sleeps and breathes small groups and the strategies that help churches engage and connect their people.  His experience is rich, broad and deep, not only will his stories of success inspire you but his stories of what hasn’t worked will give you confidence in his advice.  If you are serious about groups this book will give you plenty to chew on and encouragement for the journey. “

Rick Rusaw, Lead Pastor, LifeBridge Christian Church, Longmont, CO and Author of The Neighboring Church and The Externally Focused Church

“What you’ll find in the pages of this book is time-tested strategy to exponentially multiply your small group ministry. Allen has the heart of a pastor, the wit of a standup comedian, and the experience of a professional football coach. If you are a senior pastor or a small group champion and want to take your ministry to the next level, I would order this book for yourself and your entire leadership team.”

Brett Eastman, Founder and President, Lifetogether Ministries, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“Pastors know Christ-centered groups make thriving disciples. The hard part is developing a clear, workable strategy that empowers leaders, launches groups and connects people. Allen’s book just made the hard part a whole lot simpler! A true gift”

Dr. Bill Donahue, best-selling small groups author and leadership coach.

“Allen has written a terrific book from the seat of a practitioner. Having helped countless churches start and maintain small groups ministries, Allen’s voice is one to be trusted. But beware: only read this book if you’re ready for your small groups to grow!”

Steve Gladen, Saddleback Church, Small Groups Pastor

Author, Small Groups With Purpose and LEADING Small Groups With Purpose


“I’m thankful Allen White has leveraged two decades of leading, launching, coaching, studying and unleashing the power of small groups. Every church leader who would like to take their small groups ministry to the next level will benefit from his insights and experience.”

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA

“What I love about this book is that it’s not gimmicks and empty promises…it’s real life, and it challenges you to think deeply and creatively about connecting people into meaningful relationships.  It’s what I love about Allen White too!  He isn’t just giving you a research paper, and it isn’t “what studies have shown”.  Allen has spent most of his ministry creatively and courageously helping churches and leaders create life together.  I’ve watched him do it up close and personal…and it works.”

David Larson, Senior Pastor, New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA and Allen White’s boss for 12 years!

“Just when I thought it had all been said, Exponential Groups shows up. Not only does Allen reveal real-life stories that will inspire, he unearths principles and practices that will grow your ministry – EXPONENTIALLY!”

Rick Howerton, Regional Consultant, Kentucky Baptist Convention and author of A Different Kind of Tribe



“If you’re ready to take your small group ministry to the next level, Allen White’s Exponential Groups is a perfect playbook. Very few people have Allen’s deep experience in helping small group ministries grow exponentially.”

Read Mark’s review of Exponential Groups here.

Mark Howell, Pastor of Communities, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Las Vegas, NV


“Allen is a groups genius and Exponential Groups is a gift to churches serious about building meaningful community.”

Caleb Anderson, Author of Favor with Kings, Lead Pastor of Mariners Church Huntington Beach


“Allen is the real deal, bringing insightful, strategic, & practical help for an area of ministry he is passionate & experienced in. Timely resource!”

Doug Slaybaugh, Paterson Center, and Past President of Purpose
Driven Ministries

“Exponential Groups brings to light a plethora of ideas and practices for the Small Group Point Person.  You will walk away with new approaches to your Small Group system as Allen shares transparently from his ministry’s successes and failures.”

Eddie Mosley, Small Group Pastor, LifePoint Church, Smyrna, TN and Author of Connecting in Communities and Understanding the Dynamics of Small Groups



Download the Introduction and Chapter One by clicking here.

Pre-order your copy of Exponential Groups at CBD.com Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


“Exponential Groups is a powerful, biblical resource that puts Allen White’s decades of experience leading group life into your hand. No matter the size of your congregation, Allen’s mindset and hard-won strategies will open a new chapter in the life and growth of small groups in your church community.”

Herbert Cooper, Senior Pastor of People’s Church, author of But God Changes Everything



“Allen White is one of the world’s leading thinkers in Small Group Ministry.  The practical tools he presents in Exponential Groups coupled with his easy-to-read writing style will keep your attention and equip you for better Small Group ministry.  If you want your small group ministry to achieve greater things faster, then this book is for you!!”

Alan Danielson, CEO at Triple Threat Solutions, a ministry consulting firm and Former Small Groups Pastor, Life.Church, Edmond, OK

“Allen White shows ministry leaders how to develop a practical yet very relational strategy for developing groups exponentially. His step-by-step plans plus real-life stories make this one of the best books on small group strategy available today.”

Michael Mack, Owner, Small Group Leadership (www.smallgroupleadership.com) and Author of World’s Greatest Small Group, Small Group Vital Signs, and others.

“I don’t know anyone who has worked with more churches on maximizing their small groups than Allen White. In Exponential Groups: Unleashing Your Church’s Potential, Allen takes that wealth of experience and breaks it down for every church to easily digest and implement immediately. If your goal is to connect a lot of people into community in a short amount of time, then this book is for you.”

Chris Surratt, author of Small Groups for the Rest of Us

“Allen White was instrumental in helping our church move to a whole new level of effectiveness in our small group ministry. This book provides a practical and positive game plan for helping your church take transformational next steps in your groups. If you’re ready to develop disciples, build community, and grow your church, this book is for you!”

Matthew Hartsfield, Lead Pastor of Van Dyke Church, Tampa, FL

“Allen’s guidance and wisdom has been a rich blessing to our staff and our congregation enabling us to expand the reach of our small group ministry in tremendous ways. With Allen’s coaching we have doubled the capacity of our small group ministry and also enhanced our ability to equip and encourage those who serve on the front lines of this ministry as small group leaders. I would highly recommend his insight and coaching for you to take your small group ministry to the next level.”

Rev. David Alexander, Senior Pastor, First Methodist Mansfield, TX

“Absolutely loved getting my hands on Allen’s new book!!  His insights on expanding and growing small groups in a different way were just what NorthStar needed at just the right time!  Huge read for any pastor or small group leader that is looking to re-think groups for the future!!!  Excited now to apply some of his awesome ideas!!”

Mike Linch, Senior Pastor, NorthStar Church, Kennesaw, GA

“This book, Exponential Groups, is one of the most practical, applicable books on small groups that I have ever read.  As a Lead Pastor, I have believed in small group ministry as a key competent of effective local church ministry for over 25 years.  Small Groups, however, are always more messy and challenging to manage. Allen White’s thinking on this subject is clear, compelling, and effective.  At Allison Park Church, we are using the plans laid out in Exponential Groups, as a manual for how to execute on a high level than ever before.”

Jeff Leake, Senior Pastor, Allison Park Church, Allison Park, PA


“Allen is a respected and diverse practitioner, who cuts through the rabbit trails of unrehearsed theory, and offers his hard-earned wisdom with disarming wit and piercing clarity. Exponential Groups captures his balance of being a can-do strategist that is realistic and honest about what works and what doesn’t. By standing on his shoulders, you will be empowered to grow healthy group life and reach more people with the Gospel.”

Reid Smith, Director of Discipleship, Christ Fellowship Church, West Palm Beach, FL

Download the Introduction and Chapter One by clicking here.

Order your copy of Exponential Groups at CBD.com Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.


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