Coaching Healthy Groups

Most churches just can’t hire enough staff to support all of their group leaders. If you can, then you’re pretty lucky. But, recruiting and training coaches seems like a lot of work. Who do you recruit? How do you develop them? What do coaches do anyway? The default is to do it all yourself. And, this usually translates to lining up your leaders in rows and training them. But, there’s a problem.

Your leaders have different levels of experience, different needs, and different questions. In meetings, you tend to treat everybody the same. This either leaves the experience leaders bored or the new leaders overwhelmed. And, did I mention that people hate meetings? They do!

​This 4 session online course will train small group coaches in their role of supporting small group leaders and their groups.​ Allen White will help you take the guesswork out of coaching. You can attend this training yourself, then share it with your coaches OR bring all of your coaches along for the same price! It’s just $97 per CHURCH!

These sessions are yours to keep! You can access the recording of the sessions at any time to use with your coaches.

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This 4 session live online course will train small group coaches in their role of supporting small group leaders and their groups.

On-Demand Online Training

4 Sessions on Wednesdays, March 30 – April 20, 2022 at 2 pm Central

These One Hour Sessions will cover:

  • The Role of a Coach
  • The Qualifications of a Coach
  • Matching Coaches to the Right Leaders and Groups
  • Giving Leaders What They Need (and When They Need It)
  • Getting Started as a Coach
  • Growing as a Coach

After the Sessions, you will have access to the video recordings — forever to review and use to train your coaches!

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