Disciple-making R&D Course

On Demand at any time.
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A six week discussion about discipleship.
Each session will be made up of presentation and discussion. Session recordings are available to participants as well as the slide decks and note sheets.
All six sessions are one hour in length.
Here what recent participants are saying:
“The Disciple Making R&D Course is very insightful, practical, and provides the tools needed to launch a healthy Small Group ministry.​” — Bill M., SC
“I would encourage pastors to jump in with both feet. Enjoy the expert leading the way.​” — Larry M., TX
“Our church has been wrestling with how to make genuine disciples, specifically in a small group environment. The great commission says to obey everything Jesus commanded. We have been assuming groups members are obeying when they respond to discussion questions but we haven’t built any relation based accountability into our format. This course helped me understand that, and to see that knowledge-based methods of discipleship aren’t making disciples. The course contained good practical learning that I can begin to put into practice.​” — Elizabeth S., KS
The pilot cost is $97. 
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The sessions will cover:

1. The Problem of Modern Discipleship.

  • The Limits of Traditional Christian Education.
  • Disciple Making and Small Groups.
  • How to Measure Spiritual Growth.
  • How to Fulfill Our Mission.

2. A Well-Rounded Approach to Disciple Making.

  • What informs our spiritual growth?
  • Discipling the Whole Person.
  • Moving People from Student to Servant.

3. Inputs and Relationships for Disciple Making.

  • The Exponential Growth Model.
  • The role of groups in making disciples.
  • The role of a personal trainer in making disciples.
  • The role of personal disciples in making disciples.

4. Learning, Action, and Reflection

  • Fulfilling the Entire Great Commission.
  • The Role of curriculum in spiritual growth.
  • Effective accountability.
  • Relational evaluation.

5. Healthy Lives Multiply.

  • Becoming Hero Makers.
  • The Pathway from Disciple to Disciple Maker to Leader.

6. Transitions.

  • Identify what’s working in your current environment.
  • Identify what’s not working or what has plateaued.
  • Identify opportunities for change.
  • How to engage disciples in groups.

I would like to invite you to the pilot for Disciple Making R&D. We will meet for six weekly one hour sessions via GotoMeeting. The pilot cost is $97. When the full course is developed, it will cost $249. Pay securely with your PayPal account or credit card.
Click here to register for only $97.