Starting Online Small Groups Course

Online small groups are an immediate necessity and the new frontier for ministry moving forward. While people can watch online worship services, they cannot connect with others online. Online small groups can help your people connect for support, growth, and all of the other great reasons to do small groups. But, online groups aren’t just like offline groups. Video groups don’t work for everyone, but there are other ways to meet online.

If your strategy is to list your groups on your website and ask people to sign up, the bad news is that this strategy is actually worse than when your groups were offline. People will sign up, but they won’t show up. However, there are proven ways of connecting people into groups AND getting them there.

My first online small group was in 1994 on CompuServe. That might just make me the grandfather of online small groups! In nearly 30 years of leading offline groups, online groups, and coaching pastors in over 1,500 churches, I want to share with you some significant tips and strategies for leading online groups. You don’t have to learn the hard way, because I already did. Will you join me? I can help you take the guesswork out of online groups.

In Six One-Hour Sessions On-Demand, You Will Learn How to:

  • Session 1: Start Online Groups — Types of Online Groups, Video Platforms, Recruiting and Training Leaders.
  • Session 2: Form Online Groups that Last — Gathering Online Groups and Online Registration.
  • Session 3: Lead an Online Small Group Meeting — Your First Meeting and Online Etiquette.
  • Session 4: Coach Online Small Groups — Conducting Check-in’s, Needs-based Coaching, Oversite and Support.
  • Session 5: Navigate Online Small Group Dynamics — Keeping Discussions On Track, Overly Talkative Members, Sharing Ownership of the Group, When to Refer.
  • Session 6: Take Next Steps with Online Small Groups — How to Get Online Groups to Continue, Should Online Groups Meet Offline?, When Should Online Groups End, How to Start New Online Groups

You Will Receive:

  • 6 Sessions for You and Your Team
  • Unlimited Access to Every Session
  • A Copy of All of the Session Slides
  • Supplemental Materials in a Downloadable Format.

Cost: $97 per church

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