[Series] Connecting the Last 30 Percent in Groups

By Allen White

The delusion of success is that what we need next is more of what we’ve already experienced. After all, if Host Homes and Turbo Groups and Apprentices and Church-wide Campaigns helped us connect the first 70 percent of our members into groups, then one last push should put us over the top. For those of us who have achieved 71 percent or more, we understand that this simply isn’t true. What connected the first 70 percent will not connect the last 30 percent – no matter how attractive the appeal.

The last 30 percent fall into one of three categories – Independent, Introverted or Isolated. These folks do not want to fit into anyone’s system. They would rather practice personal spiritual disciplines like contemplation rather than face their greatest fear – your living room. They might have a disability or a disadvantage that keeps them away. A cookie cutter approach is not the answer.

Here are the articles:

Enlisting Independents

Engaging Introverts

Including the Isolated

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  1. #1 by Pam Marotta on September 5, 2011 - 1:01 am

    Hi Allen, I love your article on Connecting the Last 30% in Groups… As always you have the best insight. I thoroughly enjoy and respect your insight; you are SO right about the independents and the introverted. I look forward to reading your insight to helping the isolated connected in a small group too. Keep up the good work! ((-: Pam Marotta

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