>How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

We have two boys. They are loud. They yell. They hurt each other. They fight. For a while we wondered what was wrong with them. Then, it occurred to us that neither of us grew up in a house with two brothers.

Brothers love each other. It’s just that their love language is punching and wrestling. Brothers want to out-do each other. One will boldly proclaim that he is better than the other. It’s in their blood.

Disunity is easy. It comes naturally. Right now, think of any person that you know. Now, think of one thing that’s wrong with them. See how easy that was. Then, you mention that fault to another person. It gets repeated back to the person, and boom, you have disunity. It’s as easy as growing weeds in your yard. No effort. No attention.

Unity is hard work. Think about that same person. What’s one thing that’s good about them? Now, that’s a little more challenging. We tend to think about how much people irritate us. We don’t naturally go to what a blessing they are.

Unity says that when we have something against someone, we go to them (Matthew 18:15) and work it out. Unity says that when my preference is different from theirs, I learn to appreciate the differences. The whole is greater than just me. In God’s economy, it’s not right for me to impose my will on everyone else just to prove how big I am.

What are you in a disagreement about right now? Can you see the other person’s side? Can you argue their case? Is there a middle ground? Can you agree to disagree? Does it really matter? Is it worth the fight?

How well do you know them? Have you heard their story? It might explain a lot about how they’re acting.

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