By Allen White 
If your church is like most churches, you’ve tried everything you know to do to start groups and you have about 30 percent (or maybe 50 percent) of your adults in groups. You’ve often wondered…
If only my groups would develop an apprentice leader…
If only my Senior Pastor would get serious about promoting groups…
If only my groups would become unselfish and multiply/divide/give birth…
If only we could close the backdoor to our church…
If only we had more groups leaders to start groups…
You’ve read books. You’ve attended conferences. You’ve learned from the best and the brightest, but the lingering question is WHY DID IT WORK FOR THEM BUT IT’S NOT WORKING FOR ME? You are one well-educated and overly-frustrated person.

How do I know?

This is exactly what I was experiencing 12 years ago, then my groups DOUBLED in one day.
You can avoid the frustration. You can double your groups this Fall with all of the leaders you need and with all of the support your leaders need. What I would like to share with you are the six essential strategies I have learned over the last 25 years of ministry. My ceiling can become your floor!
Here’s the best part: You can customize the strategies to work in your church. You may decide to require more or less of leaders than others. That’s okay. We can still double your groups. Your church might create your own curriculum, or you might not. That’s okay. We can still double your groups. You may have tried large scale group launches before with mixed results. That’s okay. We can still double your groups.
Beginning Wednesday, July 13 at 1:30pm Eastern/10:30am Pacific, we will walk together on a six week journey to lay the groundwork for you to DOUBLE YOUR GROUPS THIS FALL.
Week 1: Setting God-Sized Goals and Making a Plan to Double Your Groups.
Week 2: Recruiting Your Launch Team and Finding the Help You Need to Double Your Groups.
Week 3: Recruiting the Group Leaders You Need to Double Your Groups.
Week 4: Connecting Your People into Groups.
Week 5: Coaching Your New Group Leaders.
Week 6: Training Your New Group Leaders.
Each week will consist of a 60 minute group coaching session with churches from across the country. You will receive both training and interaction in each session as well as practical tools to help you double your groups. From timelines to templates, you will have what you need to lay the groundwork for doubling your groups.
To hear more, join one of three Live Webinars This Week:
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