>For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse. Romans 1:20

Origins are not a matter of science. Matters of science must be replicated in the laboratory. To date no one has taken one species and through the scientific method proven that another species can be created. Science can only validate things that can be observed.

Evolution cannot be observed. Now, there is plenty of speculation out there because of the fossil record, but fossils are more like pieces in a puzzle than proof. Have you ever tried to assemble a puzzle without knowing what the big picture actually is? It’s not easy.

Whether you hold to the Big Bang Theory, Evolutional Theory, or Divine Creation, origins are a matter of faith. There is no scientific proof.

Our understanding of creation comes from God’s revelation to Moses, who wrote the book of Genesis. Moses was not present at creation. God revealed creation to Moses, and then Moses guided by the Spirit recorded the revelation. While we don’t understand how exactly creation came about, we know from God’s revelation that God did it.

Paul takes this one step further in his letter to the Romans by saying that creation itself is a witness to the character and nature of God. Only an all-powerful God could have created the universe out of nothing.

Think about this, those who hold views other than creation face a dilemma: where did matter come from in the first place? If the Big Bang is the explanation of origins, then what banged? How did that stuff come about? We have to believe one of two things: either God has always existed or matter has always existed. Something doesn’t come from nothing.

Paul tells us that everyone has a witness of who God is by looking at nature. The beauty and diversity of the earth show His power and creativity. The placement of the earth in the solar system wouldn’t have worked in any other way. A degree closer, and we would burn up. A degree farther away, and we would freeze to death.

Paul says the evidence of God through creation is so clear that no one has an excuse not to follow God. Will an appreciation for creation save us? No, only Jesus can save us. But, creation and conscience (Romans 2) definitely point us in the right direction. For those who sincerely desire to follow God, He will further reveal Himself to them much like God revealed Himself to Abraham (Genesis 12).

What does nature speak to you about God? Why not set aside some time this week for a beautiful place like Jones’ Gap or Caesar’s Head, Yosemite or Monterey, or another beautiful place near you (for my Kansas readers, I’m not sure what you’re going to find…just kidding. Even the prairie has a certain beauty to it.) Take in the beauty of that place and sense the finger of God.