Free LIVE Group Leader Training

Allen White will Train All of Your Small Group Leaders in a LIVE 60 Minute Online Session for Your Church Only

with the Purchase of 50 or more Copies of

Purchase either Leading Healthy Groups, Leading Online Small Groups, or a Combination of Both at a 50% Discount.

Need Help Distributing Your Books? We will ship books DIRECTLY to your leaders. Just place your order, send us your leaders’ delivery addresses, and we’ll ship straight to them. Add $4 per book for direct shipping.

What do your leaders need training on?

This is a very unusual year. Usually this time of year Allen has travel plans around North America to train and inspire small group leaders, but this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he’s grounded. But, that’s good news for you and your leaders. Rather than paying Allen’s usual honorarium and travel expenses, he will train your new and established small group leaders via Zoom in an exclusive training event just for your church.

Training topics can include: Leading Online Group Discussions, Leading a Healthy Group, Developing New Leaders, Multiplication, Group Dynamics, Making Disciples, and even open Q&A. What do your leaders need to hear? What would help them the most during this unusual season.

This training is free with the purchase of 50 or more copies of either Leading Online Small Groups, Leading Healthy Groups, or some combination of both. Your small group leaders will receive training two ways: the live session they won’t soon forget and the book they can keep for good.

To host Allen White on your campus, most churches typically pay $2,500 plus travel expenses. For the discounted cost of 50 or more books at $8.95 per book, your leaders will each receive their own book and the 60 minute training session for a minimum cost of $447.50 (for 50 books). If you need help distributing the books to your leaders, our team can ship them direclty to your leaders for only $4 extra per book.

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