by Allen White
Fall is a great time to start new groups and to add new members to existing groups. While occasionally a website contact or a random stranger will start attending and stick, but that’s rare. It’s just too much of a crap shoot, if you will.

So, where do you get new group members? How do you build a new group? Brett Eastman, the founder of came up with a great little tool that he calls “The Circles of Life.” (Cue, the Lion King song by Elton John). This exercise is simple, but brings significant results.
Think about who is already in your life that would enjoy or benefit from your group’s next study. Fill in the circles with the names of your family members, co-workers, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and others who would enjoy the topic. Think about the folks on your speed dial. Think about your Facebook friends and your Tweeps. Maybe there are people that you already get together with on a regular basis, why not add a study to your gathering? Just for five weeks. Not for the rest of your life.
If your group is already established, then invite the other group members to fill out the circles of life as well. If your group is new, then as you begin recruiting members, ask your new recruits to complete the circles as well. People are more likely to stay in a group with someone that they already know.
Now, pray over your list and the lists from your group members. Ask God to open up hearts and opportunities to include these folks in your group.
Then, you just need to invite them. Let them know that what you are inviting them to – a Bible study. No one wants to come over for dessert, only to be blindsided by a short presentation on multi-level marketing. (Nothing against small business, but I do have a beef with the blindsiding method). Statistically, at least one out of four people that you invite will check out your group.
Imagine the people on your list when they have a personal relationship with God. Imagine their outlook when they are encouraged by your group. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you see all of this coming together. Imagine how Heaven will rejoice.
Copyright (c) 2010 by Allen White.