One of the keys to getting groups to continue after an alignment series or church-wide campaign is to offer the groups a next step in the middle of the current series. (If you’d like to learn the other keys, check out my minicourse by clicking here). You should offer one choice to new groups. The decision you want them make is whether or not they are going to continue. Adding choices complicates the decision. Most of your groups should continue continue onto the next step (if you follow all of the keys).

A solid next step for new groups is a curriculum about how to be a small group, but not any curriculum. You should have your own curriculum about how to be a small group in your church. This is may seem like a daunting task, so I’ve taken the hard work out of it. I wrote the study. I wrote the script. I created the books. You just need to shoot your videos.

The curriculum is called Community: Starting a Healthy Group and is nearly finished. I just need a cover. Please CLICK HERE to help me decide on a cover. Thanks in advance for your help!

Once the curriculum is closer to release, I’ll give you more details on how to use the study with or without a video, how to create your own videos, how to get a quantity discount, and even how to customize the book for your church. Stay tuned.