By Allen White 11839600_s
If you would have asked me this question 12 years ago, I would have answered: 1,000 people. After all, if there are approximately 10 people to a small group, then 10 x 100 is 1,000. But, I don’t believe that any more.
To start 100 small groups, you need 100 people. Now, this doesn’t mean I would start 100 small groups comprised of “me, myself, and I.” To start 100 small groups, you only need 100 small group leaders. Then, the small group leaders will find their group members.
I used to boast about having 125 percent of our average adult attendance in groups. That was a big percentage. Bragging rights for sure. But, the more important metric is not 125 percent in small groups, but the 13 percent of our congregation who led groups. What would your small groups look like if 13 percent of your congregation led groups?
Start 100 small groups this year. Whether your church has 100 people or 10,000 people, you can start 100 small groups. Focus on small group leaders, not members.