Well, this has been quite a year on the blog. I don’t post much. In fact, my reader feedback tells me that the infrequency of my posts is a plus, which works with my hectic schedule.
This year had one huge surprise. A few days after Robin Williams’ death, I woke up in the middle of the night in a hotel room in Chicago and felt like I should say something to curtail some of the hatefulness I had been reading online. Not only was this post the most read post of all time on my site, it was the most read post of all time on Rick Warren’s pastors.com! We will miss Robin and his talent dearly. What an amazing individual. Here’s the post along with a few other “most read” posts for 2014:

Before Robin Williams Shows Up in Your Sermon, Think Again

Why Small Group Coaching Fails

My Daniel Plan Journey

Why Make Space for a Small Group?

Why Do We Need a Group Agreement?

And, of course, the funnest post of the year:

The Most Difficult On-Camera Interview I’ve Ever Done

And, there was one controversial post I wrote about the Host Home Strategy that I had to take down. Email me if you want to read it.
As long as you guys will read, I will continue to write (infrequently).
Happy New Year!