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For my birthday last year (November 28th, in case you missed it), I invited you to join me in providing a well in India. Today, a village of over 800 people now has their own well providing fresh drinking water. The report below tells the story of this village and their people.
Thank you for joining me in raising over $2,500 to provide fresh water and Living Water for these people.
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Allen White

Adopt-A-Well Fact Sheet

Samanthapudi Darsi, India
People Served:      800+
Date Completed:   January 28, 2012
GPS:   N 15  48.786, E 79 15.920

Summary of Village and previous water conditions:
The people of the village depend on different sources for drinking water.  Often it is dirty and contaminated. The village was badly in need of water well as they were struggling to find good and safe drinking water.

Samanthapudi Darsi is primarily a tribal village and the colony consists of outcasts and untouchables.  They depend on seasonal work and they go in search of work in agricultural fields and do menial jobs to support their family.
Putta Somaiah and Padma, husband and wife, were in total debt and were on the verge of committing suicide out of frustration. They were led to the prayer meeting by the believers; they joined in prayer and worship, and heard the Gospel of Christ being preached. The village pastor and Christian community prayed over this couple, and they felt peace and happiness and were determined to live.  On the suggestion of the pastor, they sold a piece of land belonging to them. By God’s grace that piece of land got a good bargain and got a good amount of money.  With that, they were able to pay off their debts and were able to buy another 3 pieces of land with the remaining money for cultivation.  The Lord brought peace in this family and a purpose for their lives.
There is a pastor in this village taking care of the community.  The community is very responsive to the message of Christ.  Many more souls can be won for Christ by providing water wells for drinking. As part of the well work, the people were taught how to be neat and practice good health hygiene methods in their daily life concerning water and sanitation.

Thank you for partnering with Water of Life to bring clean water to this village!

“And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.” Rev 22:17