The Exponential Groups Suite offer has expired; however, all of the components can still be purchased separately.

Anyone can start a bunch of groups for a six-week series. That’s easy. But, you can’t claim success in just six weeks. A healthy small group system is necessary to sustain groups.

The Exponential Groups Suite offers a complete system to recruit more leaders, start better groups, and make more disciples. It takes the Guesswork Out of Groups!

You will receive:

Exponential Groups: Unleasing Your Church’s Potential by Allen White

The Exponential Groups Workbook by Allen White

The Exponential Groups Course: 21 video sessions to help you build a healthy small group ministry step-by-step.

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People in Small Groups will:

Attend More.

Give More.

Invite More.

Grow More.

Disciple More.

Serve More.

Don't believe me. Look at the research!

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