by Allen White
I grew interested in this book from the number of quotes that were included in Pete Scazzero’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. For those of us who desire to know and fulfill our life’s purpose, Palmer’s book contains some rather interesting insights.
The book speaks to discovering things about yourself and your purpose or “way” through failures as much as successes. Closed doors speak as loudly as open doors. He also discusses a Quaker method of decision making where a group is gathered to question the seeker for three hours to determine his or her thoughts and motives regarding the decision. Palmer openly discusses his own self-discovery through depression.
Palmer offers a refreshing perspective. He is a member of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers. For evangelical Christians, there may be some points of disagreement, yet there is much food for thought. While evangelicals may expect God’s will to be revealed moving forward, Palmer takes in all aspects of one’s being in determining God’s will or way: emotional, intellectual, successes, failures and God’s voice within.
I have just finished this short book, and I’m ready to read it again.
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