By @allenwhite
Who is most likely to follow you on Twitter? Well, other than SEO experts and work at home schemes? Where do you find those like-minded tweeps who are missing out on your conversation?   
Once you decide what topics you will tweet about (read more here), think about who else writes about your topic. More than likely people who are interested in their tweets will be interested in yours. For instance, on my @givefreshwater account, I follow the followers of @water @scottharrison @aftn @charitywater and similar. Folks who are interested in providing clean drinking water to the needy of the developing world are very interested in the work of Water of Life.
Who else in your career field or area of interest tweets? Follow them, and then follow their followers. Many will become your followers before you know it. If they don’t, then after a week or so, unfollow them (here’s why).
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