By @allenwhite
If you have several different businesses, themes or interests, create different Twitter accounts for each interest. I write about small group ministry and some personal stuff (@allenwhite). I sell used, rare and out-of-print books and write book reviews (@halfreadbooks). I write daily inspirational posts from the Bible (@galatians419). I support the work of Water of Life , a water mission to villages in West Africa and India (@givefreshwater). I try to earn a little money through affiliate referrals (@half_or_less). I think that’s it. If I forgot one, I’ll tell you later.

My book people aren’t necessarily interested in my small group strategy posts. My bargain hunters might not be interested in daily inspiration. There might be a little crossover between these accounts, but different messages belong in different channels. If my mom were on Twitter, she would follow all five! But, not all of my followers will even be interested in this post.
Now, while Twitter is not the primary focus of this blog, it holds enough potential influence that it merits a few posts. When the Twitter followers of my small group friends exceed my followers, then I’ll stop writing these Thursday posts. Until then, I will speak the twitter truth in love.
What are you writing about? Who are you writing to? Are your topics on the right channel?