As we continue to make disciples, recruit leaders, and form groups, we are learning important things about what works and when those things work. While campaigns are great for recruiting new leaders, they are not a long term disciple making strategy. There are some exceptions, but for most churches campaigns help with the “Come and See” phase, but eventually you need to grow up your leaders and grow up your groups for the “Come and Die” phase and the “Go and Make Disciples” phase. Some of this can happen simultaneously, of course. The point is once the goal of connection is achieved, other goals need to fall into place. Instead of permanently “lowering the bar,” you need to “delay the requirements” meaning that at some point they’ll come back.

The key to a success small group ministry that produces disciples is a complete system. Often churches will take part of a system like using church-wide campaigns to connect their congregation and end up with partial results. The church gets a lot of people into groups very quickly, then watches those groups disappear almost as quickly. There is a better way.

To successfully produce disciples, the church needs a system approach. While the parts are good, the system is much better. This system includes:

1.How You Recruit Leaders. 2.How You Coach and Support Leaders. 3.How and When You Train Leaders. 4.When You Bring Back the Requirements. 5.How You Guide Your Groups with Curriculum and Training. 6.How You Integrate Personal Disciplines, Group Meetings, and Experiences.

Using on Part of the System Just Won’t Work.

Here are some resources to help you put the whole system together and successfully make disciples:

Book – Exponential Groups


Leading an Exponential Group Launch

Coaching Exponential Groups

Disciple-making R&D Course

Coaching Group – There is 1 spot left in the group that’s starting now. The next group will launch in January 2020. Here’s the info.