Looking back over 2019, I wanted to share the Top 10 posts from the blog just in case you might have missed any. Overall, my readers have shown strong emphasis on making disciples (discipleship) as well as creating curriculum and other small group topics. If you’re favorite post is not listed here, please let me know!

10. Why You Should Write Your Own Curriculum. FYI, the Writing Effective Curriculum Workshop is enrolling right now and will meet Thursdays, January 16 – February 6.

9. Launching Groups in Smaller Churches.

8. No More One Night Stands.

7. Training Busy Group Leaders.

6. Connect, Grow, Serve is Not a Discipleship Strategy.

5. Jud Wilhite’s Bad Bet Against Groups.

4. The True Size of Your Church.

3. The Deficit of Discipleship: How the American Church is Off-Mission.

2. Two Posts About Rooted.

1. Sermons Don’t Make Disciples.

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